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Product: Gelato Cannabis Strain

2022-04-15 at 06:32:40 AM

The Gelato cannabis strain is a perfect option for you whether you are looking to cure a sickness or pain, elevate your mood, or simply just rest in front of the TV. Gelato is a hybrid strain of Sherbinski and Cookie Fam (Thin Mint GSC x Sunset Sherbet). Gelato tastes mild, sweet, smooth, and creamy – all the signs of your favorite summertime treat. Gelato's aroma also lends itself to the taste profile of this strain, as you will glimpse an aftertaste of berries and citrus fruits.

Effects of this strain:
1. Strong feeling of euphoria
2. Cerebral head high
3. Relaxed and peaceful
4. No couch-locked effects
5. Creative

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